Bringing tomorrow's science, today


Bringing tomorrow's science, today.


Delivering Quality & Value Innovation
   - The company strive to provide quality medical solution through innovation and reliable service

About Sun Healthcare

SUN HEALTHCARE has a long history of serving the national healthcare institutions, supplying dialysis disposables, medical equipment and devices since its incorporation in 1981. SUN HEALTHCARE is now wholly owned by ADVENTA Berhad, listed in the KLSE main board.

Upon its acquisition by ADVENTA Berhad in 2007, SUN HEALTHCARE has tripled its product portfolio which has expanded into Single Use Medical Disposables, marketed in all major Ministry of Health Hospitals, University Hospitals, Army Hospitals, Gov Clinics and Private Hospitals, Individual and Group.

Amongst its business focus to-date are National MOH Tender Business, Main Hospital Tenders including Universities, Sales and Marketing of its wide product range in all Healthcare segments. SUN HEALTHCARE also the Warehousing & Distribution arm for the Group and also outsourced by other Principals.

Sales Force

33 Product Specialist serving you




234 Government and Private Hospitals > 2000 Pharmacies and Clinics Nursing Homes


Managing and maintain Quality Management System

Delivery service

Same / Next Day Delivery for local orders 1+1 day for Outstation orders

Customer Service

Dedicated support team


3 warehouses, GDP and GDPMD Compliance